Educational courses for students

The Department of Automobile and Manufacturing Technologies specializes in professional training. It prepares students for different types of qualifications and certifications.

International student mobilities

The current university education offers various options for study scholarships to universities and colleges around the world.Individual mobility programmes are offered within various international and national offices and agencies.Duration of student mobility is subjected to the terms of an international programme or scholarship scheme and lasts for a maximum of one academic year.

SPICE project


Students of the FMT can participate in the SPICE project (Student Program of Integrated Company Education). It is a joint project of the Union of the Automotive Industry of the Slovak Republic and the National Development Project The SPICE is a national project of the Slovak Republic that brings together industrial companies and technical university students enabling them to complete at least three months of research related to their thesis in the company. The project is supported by advanced, technically oriented faculties of partner universities. First and second year engineering students can participate in the SPICE project. They can test their knowledge and skills in practice and prepare a high-quality diploma thesis as well.

SPICE for Students - How to Get Involved?

  1. Sign up for the portal and fill in the profile. The data given in the profile are key to the student's attractiveness (student projects, graduate practice, professional skills ...).
  2. When you first try to enter the "Thesis -SPICE" zone, you will be prompted to complete the profile with the necessary details (achieved education).
  3. Then you can browse the company's offers and sign up for some of them. You can sign in to more topics and more companies.
  4. Companies choose candidates and address them with the offer.
  5. Having obtained the agreement with the company, the faculty will approve the topic and assign it to the supervisor.
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