Department of Automobile and Manufacturing Technologies has been cooperating with various production enterprises for many years. Thanks to various projects, its staff and students implement the latest technologies into practice helping to develop the department itself as well as the companies the Department cooperates with.

List of partners

Companies that are actively cooperating with the Department of Automobile and Manufacturing Technologies.


Technological preparation of production – complex preparation of production for classical machines and CNC production facilities with technically and technologically efficient processes under specified conditions.

Complex analyses of the efficiency of technological processes and technological equipment - analyses of processes progress and technological equipment states aiming at the design of stable production conditions.

Analyses and advice on industrial process liquids – to determine the biological state and condition of liquids for machining, shaping and other technological processes.

Certified European Welding Engineer services – services with a total coverage of activities necessary to ensure a stable level of welding production quality. Preparation of manufacturing companies certification within the quality assurance system STN EN ISO 3834 and STN EN ISO 1090.

Certified non-destructive testing of materials using VT, MT, PT, UT and ET methods used for detecting possible defects in welds, castings, forgings, other types of products.

Metallographic contouring and analysis of microstructures of welded joints and other materials. Sample preparation and testing of mechanical properties, hardness measurement, etc.

Dimensional inspections of products using 3D measuring equipment, measurement of profile deviations, roughness measurement of surfaces, etc.

Plasma Arc Cutting - production of sheet metal components according to technical documentation.

Prototype production of technological equipment and general machine structures.

Analyses of voltage relationships within the interaction "tool-processed part"