KAVT budova

The Department of Automobile and Manufacturing Technologies

The Department of Automobile and Manufacturing Technologies (DAMT) is one of the founding and the largest departments at the Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies of the Technical University of Košice with the seat in Prešov. It was established in 1992 as the Department of Manufacturing Technologies. Since then there have been made several changes to its structure. One of the main reasons for changing the name of the Department (2017) was its more consistent orientation on the automotive sector. Nowadays, the Department provides study the programmes Advanced Technologies and Automotive Production Technologies.


An important factor in education is an individual approach to students as well as work in smaller groups during laboratory practicals. DAMT is the only Department which has made a tremendous effort and determination to provide students with practical skills and experience. The Department actively participated in the Slovak SPICE project in which it has been the most successful in Slovakia. Most second year students studying engineering at the Department have completed at least four years continuous practice in the selected enterprise. SPICE is the project of the Automotive Industry Association which brings together industrial companies and technical university students. Students have the opportunity to complete at least three months practice and prepare their final theses within the selected company.


Within the complex educational process at the Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, the Department of Automobile and Manufacturing Technologies deals with the issues closely or directly related to the profession of a production technician, material engineer, CNC machine programmer, tools and jigs production engineer, specialist in the field of welding, welds and energy beam cutting technology inspector, production and technical manager and output quality control specialist. Particular subjects and teaching units have been designed directly to serve the needs of practice especially for automotive and related industries. The educational process is focused on acquiring professional and practical knowledge in specialized classrooms and laboratories. Our students have been gradually educated in the field of engineering, technical and special materials, production technology, CNC machines programming, tools and machining jigs design, material joining and separation processes, welding and welded joints inspection as well as complex product quality control.


Research is focused on investigation of advanced machining methods, energy-beam cutting technology, newest welding technologies and non-destructive testing as well as research of special, advanced and composite materials used in automotive and energy industries. The objective is to research composite materials, super alloys of aluminium and plastics as well as to study their machinability and weldability and to investigate residual stresses across different processing technologies.

Cooperation with enterprises

The Department has always been closely connected with industrial enterprises not only in the Slovak Republic. The members of the Department are the authors of a number of applied research projects for different types of manufacturing companies ranging from designing and implementing optimization of production processes to designing and constructing completely new products and technologies. Recently, the Department has been successful in research and application of abrasive water-jet cutting technology in healthcare, electrotechnical and military industries.